Letting Go of the Baggage

Today‚Äôs post is about letting go all of that which weighs you down. The emotional luggage packed full of negative, self-defeating, hate breeding feelings. Everyone carries baggage, even those who appear happy all the time. Sometimes you end up carrying more than you should. Sometimes you carry the baggage for far too long and thisContinue reading “Letting Go of the Baggage”

Feeding Your Inner Soul to Find Your Higher Self

Your appetite to feed your soul is just as important as your appetite to feed your body. Like the physical body, your soul needs constant sustenance to thrive, flourish, and grow. Without the needed nourishment, your soul will wither and you will feel a lacking in your life that will stop you from being theContinue reading “Feeding Your Inner Soul to Find Your Higher Self”

Stand Up for Your Health

Have you ever flipped through old photos  of people who lived through the agricultural times?  Almost all of them are healthy looking; not too fat and not too thin.  That’s because most of them didn’t stay in one place for very long.  The farmers back then didn’t have television or computers to keep them fromContinue reading “Stand Up for Your Health”

Keeping Up With Your Temple

Lately I’ve been doing research on Tiny Houses and Treehouses.  I’ve also been looking into ways to eating healthier while staying in my budget.  All this research on houses and health made me think about that old Yogi saying, “Your body is your temple” and how you treat your temple (body) is how well you willContinue reading “Keeping Up With Your Temple”

Wealth in Health

Today I am writing about the one thing that is the most valuable thing a person can ever have and that is his or her health.  Without good health a person has nothing.  The wealthiest person in the world has nothing if they are not healthy enough to enjoy their riches.  The most talented personContinue reading “Wealth in Health”

Finding Clarity

Clarity, clarity, oh where art thou?  You could find clarity in the stillness of your silence.  The trick is to actually sit down long enough to allow it to happen.  Jumping beans of thoughts and flashing movements of this project and that never ending to do list will not give you clarity.  However, it mayContinue reading “Finding Clarity”