What’s Stopping You?

Goals can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you have too many going on at once. One of the biggest hurdles is actually getting started. Sometimes once a goal gets underway something happens and then suddenly you’re not working on your goal anymore. That’s when you have to take notice what’s stopping you. Identifying what distractsContinue reading “What’s Stopping You?”

The Power of Duality

You can’t have kindness without cruelty, day without night, peace without war, and love without hate. Life is about duality. You can’t appreciate one until you’ve experienced the other. Whenever you’re going through hard times remember there’s a light you need to appreciate and that is why you are going through what you are goingContinue reading “The Power of Duality”

Get Off the Merry-Go-Round

Today I want to talk about getting off the merry-go-round. You know that cycle part of your life where everything becomes routine, the same ole same, different day but same thing? It’s time you do yourself a favor and step off that circular ride, especially the one that no longer thrills you. I’ve lived throughContinue reading “Get Off the Merry-Go-Round”

Setting Boundaries

Learning to create boundaries is tough. It’s even tougher when you once allowed something to happen for so long and then you realize you don’t want to allow that to happen anymore. People get angry when you create a new boundary or move the boundary line. Don’t worry about those people. They will eventually getContinue reading “Setting Boundaries”

The Power of Forgiveness

I’ve struggled with forgiveness all my life. Being unforgiving is like hitting your head with a hammer thinking you’re hurting the person who did you wrong. Let it go! I know forgiveness seems like you are telling that person it’s okay the way they treated you when it was entirely uncalled for on what theyContinue reading “The Power of Forgiveness”

Network to Selfwork

Tonight I attended a networking event. I made quite a few connections that were very helpful with my current focus, which is me. I connected with business entrepreneurs from the health and wellness industry, the entertainment field, financing world, and marketing gurus. It got me to thinking that one truly can’t thrive on their ownContinue reading “Network to Selfwork”

Maintain that 20-20 vision for 2020

You’ve got goals for the New Year. Every one usually does. This one is going to be different though because it will be 2020! You will be writing 2020 every day for some reason or another. When you write it let the 2020 year remind you to maintain that 20-20 vision of your goals youContinue reading “Maintain that 20-20 vision for 2020”

New Eating Plan for the Mind

Are you feeding your mind healthy thoughts or junkie thoughts? Similar to what you put in your body matters; what you put in your mind also matters. Feed your mind with nutritious thoughts regularly. Weekly, daily, hourly,  minute by minute. For the New Year, here’s a new diet to follow:Cut out all of the negativeContinue reading “New Eating Plan for the Mind”

Be You

This post is about being you. Embrace all the uniqueness and quirkiness that is you because that is who you are meant to be. In my childhood, I wanted to fit in. I longed to be accepted and part of the “cool” crowd. Fast forward twenty-some plus years later and I’ve learned to embrace whoContinue reading “Be You”

Kickin’ It With Kale

Ahhh, Kale.  That lovely green, cruciferous vegetable that has a flavor likened to Spinach and Cabbage mixed together.  It’s beautiful dark green leaves are full of healthy antioxidants and nutrient dense vitamins.  Kale is so versatile that it can be juiced, steamed, sautéed, added to soups, made into crackers and chips, and can even beContinue reading “Kickin’ It With Kale”

Letting Go of the Baggage

Today’s post is about letting go all of that which weighs you down. The emotional luggage packed full of negative, self-defeating, hate breeding feelings. Everyone carries baggage, even those who appear happy all the time. Sometimes you end up carrying more than you should. Sometimes you carry the baggage for far too long and thisContinue reading “Letting Go of the Baggage”

Confessions of a New Year’s Resolution Breaker

Hello Butterflies, Some of you may remember my vow from 2014 to go Unplugged.  While I set my bar high to not watch TV or entertain myself electronically for the entire year, I must confess that I didn’t reach my goal.  Before the thirty lashings begin, let me say that I’m happy I didn’t keepContinue reading “Confessions of a New Year’s Resolution Breaker”


Hello Butterflies! I’ve taken a long hiatus here for I have been busy living life rather than writing about it.  I am now back at the keyboard and have revised this site to better reflect its message.  I hope all the butteflies here are doing well and I hope each of you find something hereContinue reading “Revisions”