How To Say, “No” To Others In Order To Say, “Yes” To Yourself

This post is for the givers out there who have so much to give to others that they forget to give to themselves. It’s great to always be the dependable one, the loyal one, the one who will always be there at a moments notice no matter what. However, it’s not so great to beContinue reading “How To Say, “No” To Others In Order To Say, “Yes” To Yourself”


Today is where it all starts, so don’t delay It moves fast, don’t let it slip away Today is like no other, you won’t get it back What you do today yields what you attract Today is worth beyond a measure It is surely something to treasure Today comes and goes no matter what weContinue reading “Today”

The Seeds of a Dream

So I have been comtemplating the idea of writing a book and getting it published.  I mean, really, truly focusing on getting it done.  For years I have wished and dreamed of becoming a published writer.  I always put it off because life got in the way (ie, job, school, family needs, time, household chores,Continue reading “The Seeds of a Dream”

The Creation of Meditation

Lean back, let go Tiny rain drops on a window Slide away, give way No tomorrow, just today Let go, let it be Serendipity Relax, pause Peace is your cause Slowly, gracefully You become Beautifully Silence your mind Mantras are kind Breathe deep and slow Tensions will go Thoughts may come Set them free BreatheContinue reading “The Creation of Meditation”

Stay focused!

This week’s challenge is all about staying focused.  Let your energies hone in on one idea all week.  That cluttered closet, the craft project you started months ago, or those broken things you tossed aside with some far off intention to fix.  Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about for sometime but haven’t found theContinue reading “Stay focused!”